BTC Response to COVID-19

3.30.2020 Update

In accordance with the Dallas County mandate issued on 3/29/2020 we will now be requiring every employee to be tested for fever, prior to conducting work on ALL sites. Please refer to the letter below and a copy of the county mandate. Please contact Adam Shurtleff, Director of Safety, with any questions on this.

Letter to Subcontractors – Temperature Testing Mandate (3.30)

Dallas County Mandate – Construction Industry Rules (3.30)

03.24.2020 Update

In response to the increasing “Shelter In Place” mandates being issued across Texas counties, we have issued an updated letter to our subcontractors as of March, 24th. For any questions, or for more information you can contact the project manager associated with your project, or our main office at (817) 467-4981.

UPDATE – BTC Letter to Subcontractors Regarding COVID-19 (3.24)

03.18.2020 Update

The below letters were distributed to clients and subcontractors in relation to all current projects.

BTC Letter to Subcontractors Regarding COVID-19 (3.18)

BTC Letter to Clients Regarding COVID-19 (3.18)


BTC is closely monitoring the ongoing global situation with COVID-19. Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our employees and clients. The below letter has been distributed internally and outlines current policies in place. 

Our team will update as necessary.

BTC Response to COVID-19 (3.17)